RG-A high speed paper slitter
RG-A high speed paper slitter

RG-A high speed paper slitter

Uses and characteristics:

This machine can cut all kinds of paper for printing and packaging. The machine adopts the photoelectric tracking, automatic correction, automatic meter, pneumatic automatic feeding, unwinding magnetic powder tension control, excellent performance, Simple, stable and reliable operation characteristics.

1, chassis and wall panels are cast iron structure, to ensure high-speed operation of the stability.

2, unwinding using ordinary mechanical shaft, cone sleeve fixed to adapt to the deformation of the substrate core.

3, unwinding with correction, improve the cutting accuracy.

4, both hands reel are used gas up shaft, and equipped with pressure roller.

5, retractable coil tension by the independent control of their respective magnetic powder

6, waste edge guide tube and high-power fan, the waste side blowing from the right side of the machine.

7, independent electrical operation cabinet, computer integrated control, winding count. Three motor control

8. All aluminum guide roller are used in Taiwan Shanghai joint venture company produced high hardening guide roller, static and dynamic balance processing.

High-speed paper slitter parameters:


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